Improved Asset Protection

In industries with harsh operating environments, maximizing the life expectancy of equipment at the lowest possible cost is a strategic priority. This often requires a multi-pronged approach that involves advanced water treatment chemistry, preventative maintenance and resource conservation. See how Solenis helped a chemical processing plant protect its assets — and its bottom line — with an innovative program to fight corrosion and biofouling.

Case History

A chemical processing plant located in the Southwest United States was using a stabilized phosphate treatment program, with acid for pH control and bleach for microbiological control, in its cooling towers. Unfortunately, high copper corrosion rates were impacting process refrigeration reliability. While reducing corrosion was the priority, the plant also wanted to reduce metals discharge to its effluent plant and eliminate the use of acid. After conducting an audit of the plant’s cooling water system, the Solenis team recommended the combined use of an alkaline corrosion inhibitor and BiosperseTM XD3899 microbiocide, a mild oxidizing biocide that effectively controls biofilm formation. The new treatment program reduced copper corrosion rates by more than 75 percent, extending the life of the plant’s capital-intensive equipment. The program also enabled the plant to reduce metals discharge in the effluent, reduce chemical treatment costs by $30,000 per year and reduce water use by 22 million gallons per year.

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