Reduced Costs

For any business, regardless of sector, protecting the bottom line is the highest priority. One of the easiest ways to increase profitability is to reduce operating costs, though it sometimes requires an external partner that can help you see your business in new ways and that can provide a novel solution. Learn how Solenis brought together insights and innovative technology to help a paper producer reduce its manufacturing costs without affecting end product quality.

Case History

Due to tough market conditions and high competitive pressure, a European paper producer was challenged to reduce its operating costs on a 640-ton-per-day machine producing high-quality copy grades. Replacing high cost virgin fiber with a lower cost filler was a key initiative. Previous efforts to increase filler content either reduced productivity or reduced tensile strength significantly, leading to quality issues, both of which limited the mill’s ability to improve its operating costs. Solenis evaluated the mill’s system and recommended a new filler-fiber optimization program called OptiFillSM. Since permanently converting to Solenis’ OptiFill program, the mill has increased its filler use from 20 to 25 percent and has realized significant cost savings — more than $1 million annually — without compromising quality or productivity.

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